Sunday, April 30, 2006

OMG + IMG= no they din'it

Ok the Daily is a total guilty pleasure and I say guilty in the sense that it's this total sellout of a glossy backed by the lamest (but biggest) agency/ conglomerate ( I shouldn't talk I work with them) but why is IMG totally trying to OFF Gemma, for Sasha??? The girl is gorge and totally profesh so why did they make her look like total shit in the edit they did inside with her? And when I say shit I don't mean the fierce Sasha way I mean the horrible photos! clothes! and make-up! It's hard to make a girl like that look bad, poor Gemma! Is it because she has small Nipples??????????

Friday, April 28, 2006

What the FIG?

I was watching tv last night and saw an ad for fig newtons which i thought was super gay (a la brokeback), so on trying to find the ad i stumbled upon this one which is not only gay but pedophiliic (sic?)! newtons better work!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Karen Shows us where babies come from

in a total Courtney Love move Karen Elson White shows us exactly where her soon to be new born will be coming from

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Barely Legal

if this picture could talk:
Richie: you're so right Aimee or is it Amy i can't even remember

Aimee: I think it's aimee but to be honest i've been living off ice cubes and splenda for 2 1/2 years to fit in your samples, and I don't even know why i'm doing that

Richie: (befuddled) oh gurl! Hey whose the fresh meat?

Aimee: oh it's my sister i was babysitting her but i wanted to do coke and have my picture taken so i dragged her out of bed kicking and screaming

Richie: oh my god that sounds just like me

Slender Fungus / get your chrome heart on

in an attempt to stay on earth just that much longer Karl lagerfeld is looking for possible body transplants, the possible carrier for his brain most rock fingerless leather gloves and chrome hearts jewlery 2 top options Adrian who is getting weirder by the day and this totally ubiq misshapes kid (who is very sweet and means well) I have a feeling karl will end up going for the third and final option which will be hal 9000 as that is by the far sleekest and skinniest version and will no doubt be able to fit in to Heidi's scooped out side polo shirt without falling out the sides.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lesbian Zombie claims the Bowery

for the millionth time Pat Field is back from the dead to re-open her store (3 years later?) I always thought it was slightly re-dik but hey whatever...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I feel just like a child

I was just about to write a post on how all of hollywood is trying to look like tweens and then i get scooped by Mena and Jonbenet, thanks alot so now we're all supposed to look like coked up 7 year old pageant girls??????? what is that like a childs size zero? SHIT!

Monday, April 03, 2006


Steve Aoki has lost (or never found) a reason to live besides mooching off of his sisters model/actress career, if someone finds his purpose in life please call 212-479-7990 or 310-217-7638 or for you Londoners 09061 100 596

UPDATE: misshape's casualty of the week: new strain of cobrasnake

It looks like our first MCOTW has sometype of head injury and is using his black bandana to keep the hipness from hemorrhaging... Note the dilated pupils. Poor Kid get well soon!

Virgin Velcro... the gay or straight edition

is this kid gay or straight? And is his name Eric or Donald? Met him a while ago and have been harboring a crush on him since.... Either way he is super cute and is a born again virgin well he's in a band called the virgins i don't think a face like that stays pure for long.... mmmmmmmmmm

From the Ritz to the Rubble

So I know how I keep saying how great drugs are and how you should totally get addicted but here is a story of how it all goes so wrong: Robert Downey Jr., someone took Less than Zero a little past zero, he looks like a train wreck.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Paris is Burnt

Forget the Kabbalah its all about the house of Willie Ninja. Is Willie Ninja's psychic body electric voguing propelling Lydia Hearst's career? Lydia is a great girl super sweet, pretty and very nice to work with but all of a sudden those Bizzare Bottega ad's and now she's on the cover of Nylon and Flaunt. either Nylon is now a hearst publication or Willie is really turning it out and reading all the nay-sayers. WORK!