Thursday, September 28, 2006

misshape's casualty of the week: Too cool for school or seizure?

I can't tell if this is totally brilliant or if she's so asking for it? It's the combo of the elephant necklace and that her eyes are rolled so far back in her head (probably from taking in all the "hip" kids) it looks like shes gonna start foaming at the mouth...thats throwing off my radar

misshape's casualty of the week: Arden must look like crap

No Matter whether this girl is dressing with Mommies money or she's trying to 'slum" it with the rest of the kids she always looks horrible... just goes to show money can't buy pretty

As If / the front row at asfour edition

I'd seen Brit Beauty Lily donaldson hanging with vincent during ny fashion week but didnt have any photographic proof until now... BAM!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Misshape's Hottie of the week: the Herschkovitz or Herchcovitch edition

I love a good Alexandre in the evening

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

EPIC MUCH? / the Miss Gallo if you're nasty edition

oh my god i am so sweating this

finally something to shut Gore Vidal up / the rentboy edition

this is a total throwback from july where model and 6 months from now total rentboy Chad white in the now infamous l'uomo story is actually able to silence Gore, i wonder if its amazement or dissapointment on his face?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Mary Kate and Ashley dive at maxfields this girl keeps it real and Nicole richie stayed home and Didn't eat... ever

so have you ever wondered why thecobrasnakes girlfriend always looks all pale and pasty? Wait i don't have an answer for that... but have you ever wondered why she dresses like she just went dumpster diving???? thats cause she did this very white girl keeps it real

Misshape's casualty of the week: gary glitter and cyndi laupers love child

i really have no clue where to begin but i have the sneaking suspicion that this girl was a fresh faced 1st year at nyu who happened to be walking by Patti Wilson in front of a Ricky's and all of a sudden just like that scene in spiderman she kaboom turned into this mess... icing on the cake is the jeremy scott leggings... which means she put a ton of thought into this look

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The real super power is staying alive /the fashion week prep edition

the cat that has 9million lives/ the random girl in the background edition

ok I'm done ragging on Pete all i have to say is someone please put cameras on that girl in the background (could that not so be Sienna on a pretty day???)... I smell a spin-off!