Friday, March 31, 2006

A Vodianova runs through it

So Natalia popped yet another baby who basically hit the genetic and bank account jackpot. nats will no doubt be working some amazing russian vodka diet to lose the baby fat. And now I'll be able to sleep easy knowing that i won't see anotherset of photos like these for atleast another 9 months... and Natalia for the love of god please only let Inez and Vinoodh shoot you when you're this preggers

pocahontas leaves police station

Naomi will never, ever learn but does she really have to? she should've worn her housekeeper, Sweetface is so 2 seasons ago

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Drugs are cool drop out of school

here's the deal when everyone "found out" about Kate's real fulltime job everyone dropped her, but honestly i'm training to get there myself. To all the women who think they could do this and look like her by going to curves and weight watchers, open your (bloodshot) eyes you need to put down the cardio and just consume 3grand a day up your soon to be perfect nostril. Truth is you will never be as good as her she's been doing it since she was 13 (but Frances Bean you could catch up).

misshape's casualty of the week: gay waste

internal dialogue:
Let's see what can i do to stand out tonite???
hmmm i'm not cute enought to just get by on that
I'd show off my body but i spend all my money on really shitty blo, so the gym is out
I cut my hair 2 weeks ago into this gay bowl cut but the only people that've noticed it are from the methadone clinic
hmmm there is this box of accessories my grandmother left me in her will
pink lipstick
now i just need an unflattering ruched sack to complete the look

I don't think any of us will truly be ready for her jelly

everytime i see this woman I am both impressed by modern fabrics that can handle the tension she puts on them and badly wanting a (vegan) sausage.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Dance you down: Mi-jami edition

I'm not gonna front this is a really important look in Miami... for old Jewish ladies who want to fit in a powerwalk before hitting the shoe sale at Loehman's.

I need a Ryder or Die bitch

Emailed to me from a friend at the LA shows" SHopllifter was front row (the Ryder not bjork's hairstylist) she looked all nervous and sweaty" Yes she is still on crazy amounts of drugs, oh Winona Ryder you really do believe in JT don't you?

Marc, a Virgin no more

thats right Kids i know this is old news but i had to post these pics because i find them numbingly funny especially Marc's facial hair he must've read that article in the nytime's thursday styles last week. And in case anyone was wondering yes the rumors are true his "boyfriend" was/is a escort and it's not the 1st time Marc got one, he's been doing that since way back in the days in Milan when he did work for Iceberg.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

if you see her, it means you're already dead

Once thought not to be of major concern to the east coast and abroad Bijou has once again become a threat. All I have to say is that all the rumors you've heard about this chick are true and then some... never give this girl a cigar cutter or access to your towncar she will some how mange to rip the seats open convinced theres crack stuffed in the padding.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

misshape's casualty of the week: new strain of cobrasnake

Hmmm I see we really are having port security issues on the east coast how did this west coast cobrasnake hipster make it past? What's that expression before you leave the house take one accessory off? Well basically this kid must be dyslexic

Celebrity skin or how I learned to love the atom bomb

Maybe it's because i'm a bit hungover and nothing seems totally right but when i saw this post on's blog page i thought i'd fallen into a k hole. Joan rivers interviewing club kids who just years later will transform her body far more than any club kid could ever imagine (webster's def. of irony)... here's the clip and evidence that Amanda Lepore and Courtney love really aren't that far apart on the evolutionary chain of clown red lipstick and botox.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Will the better fake edie please stand up

Jessica Sjoo or Siennal Miller?
Not to rag on Miller which everyone does and i know she's asking for it because she's more famous for being with Jude than acting and that put's her in the Paris Hilton category of celebrity (ie. the undeserving category), anyway I think Jessica is giving, I'll post the rest of the edit later cause it is really gorge, i also love a girl who can channel someone they've never heard of. Which Granted Sienna is doing but she's old enuf to know who Edie is

You've Got Served

so here are 2 pics of the same kid whose appeal is completely lost on me I think Vice said it best in their don'ts column: To call these guys a couple of fucking fags is an insult to the gay community. At least fags have a sense of humor about themselves and don’t stand in front of the mirror for hours squinting their eyes and telling invisible movie producers, “I don’t do TV.”

and by the way the pic with the new short haircut: did he get his front teeth knocked out?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Girl I didn't know you could get down like that

can someone please explain this to me?

JT Leroy of the week: irina lazareanu

oh Irina i love you i do, you are a sweetheart and a current fave and you're very well aware of it but very nonchalant, Kudos. However just because you helped Pete out of rehab and are best "mates" with Kate won't hide one of your many secrets which sadly many people know. I say chill on the music tip and ride your 3 season wave, we all (don't) remember Naomi's singing debut dont we?

Kris Kross will make you jump

This is the french Vogue edit that made Natasha P, into one of the highest paid girls out there

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Lang road home

So just who(m) is taking over Helmut Lang??? Now that the label has been bought by a Japanese powerhouse and they have every intention to bring lang back to it's former fame. On plate 2 very New York designers whose clothes never look like they were made in manhattan funny enough one a menswear designer just put women in his last show and the other a primarily womenswear put men in his last show. A parisian whom has been getting awards and rave reviews (and for good reason). Finally a bi-costal and polar cross dressing designer whom most likely won't be getting the gig because of his temper tantrums. Oh yea he also wants almost double what the others would be getting.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Courtney Prophecy was true

Is Stella Tennant the new ted Nugent?

Can She Have it like that?

I love Catherine and reluctantly i do love Pharrell, and I know that last season they met at Louis Vuittion s/s show, Pharrell did the music and when he took his seat for the show the one and only was sitting next to him, after that they did that godawful Citizen K cover which is a bit scary, and then hanging out at Paris Paris and now I've been hearing rumors that they've been hanging out a lot? Romance or friendship?

because even Gemma is a fit to confirm at Chanel

Except this one!