Monday, June 26, 2006

V is for Versace... Touche Donatella

Well its hot and Humid and Milan and the boys are drunk and rowdy (thank god!), Jil Sander was a hit if you go for oversize things that have a similar fit to things you can pick up on 125th street. Burberry borrowed a bit of prada styling (stylist drama.. all I'm saying) and those floppy knit Marc hats. So far donatella the white horse (pun intended) of milano who people pay their respects too but secretly are just waiting to turn her into glue surprised us all (and a few boys backstage by not molesting them!!!!! (1st time ever)), touche Donatella


Anonymous gerald said...

haha i love you.
and white boys look great in rasta hats, i mean thats EXACTLY what they need to be wearing from burberry....what do you think the price for one of those will be? i'll give or take and go with $180

7:17 PM  

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